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Unique stay

Dreams, emotions, the sea, the mountains and the stars.


Made from experiences.

Portrayed in all its books and pictures.

With a whole world inside.

Genuine, true and calm.

A place to read the ocean and the mountains, to listen to the silence, to touch the sky and reach for the stars.

A place like no other, magical and welcoming.

Between the sea, the mountains and stars.

Deeply connected with Guincho, right next to Cascais and Sintra very close by, Dream Guincho is a unique place.

A peaceful morning, a sublime breakfast, a good read by the pool, a snack, a hike in the mountains, a nice glass of wine during sunset and everything else that can be discovered…

All of this, and a bit more… will make for unforgettable times.


We are inspired by sustainability, so a lot of the energy and materials used by us is from reusable sources.

We want to leave exactly what we found, and if something, only making it better!

The sun belongs to everyone and the sea breeze is a local treasure.

The trees are here, the only thing we added was our warmth.

All that you taste here is ours.

We have oranges and strawberries in our garden, and mint and coriander on our vases.